Summer programs for Jewish Teens at

Summer programs for Jewish Teens at

Summer is getting closer and you don’t know yet what kind of activities you can do for you and your sons. Jewish do not have a lot of places where they can send their children and it is really stressful for you. Don’t worry, it does exist a place for you and your family this coming summer. This place is is an online platform where people can look for the more than 300 different experiences for summer in the United States and around the world as well. In brief, in one convenient place you can look for the experience you or your children want to have next summer.

Jewish teens have a place where they can find summer experiences, meet new friends and learn about the topic they are interested at. This is not for teens only but for their families too. There are more than 300 programs focused on different fields, interests, passions and backgrounds. For instance, art programs, social action projects, travel opportunities are just three of the many more activities Jewish teens can enjoy. This organization is coordinated by The Jewish Education Project and is funded by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation.

Experiences found in vary and do not have any specific public or type of teen as they state. Since they argue that teens are all different, experiences and interests are different as well. The organization works on keeping diversity among teens and the activities they do but most of the information of the site is targeted especially for high school students. Hence, it is not difficult to find a program that fits your teens’ summer schedule. And, a plus for you is that every year new summer experiences are added for Jewish teens.

What are the locations of the program?

Even though the main locations are at the United States, as it was said before, they have programs around the world. In America, they have locations in New York City, US Mid Atlantic, US Midwest, US Northeast, US Pacific Northwest, US Southeast, US Southwest, US West and Latin America. In Europe, they also have in Eastern Europe. In Africa, Canda and Israel.

What are the interest areas?

This is the most amazing aspect of They have 28 interest areas. Areas are the following:

Academic, Advocacy, Camp, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Environmentalism, Film, Hiking, History, Holocaust Education, Internship, Fellowship, Israel, Jewish Study, Kibbutz Living, Leadership, Music, Outdoors, Performing Arts, Russian, Science, Sightseeing, Social justice, Special Needs-Inclusion, Special Needs-Self contained, Sports, Technology, Visual Arts, Volunteering and, Service Learning.

The criteria for getting listed on have a Jewish focus. According to the official web site, the criteria are the following:

Have an explicitly Jewish mission, or provide a Jewish experience through at least one of the following:

    • Shabbat
    • Jewish education, arts, or culture
    • Jewish religious experiences
    • A connection to Israel
  • Agree to the following terms:
    • Update information on a yearly basis
Image courtesy of Jewish Women's Archive at
Image courtesy of Jewish Women’s Archive at

Also, if you are not sure you or your teens can afford a program at, don’t worry. There are some programs that offer scholarships funding. Teens from the New York metropolitan area benefit from special funding available through UJA-Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation.

You are invited to check the programs and if you find the right program for someone you know, you can go to the “Suggest a Summer” section and recommend up to five programs to any teen. In order to succeed on your recommendation follow the steps they suggest to do so.

“Click on the program you want to recommend and hit the button that says “suggest”. The program will be added to a queue which you can email to the person of your choice… this feature will timeout after an hour, so make sure to not delay sending your programs. This feature will not collect or store the email addresses of either the sender or recipient.”

Finally, for parents and grandparents who want to use, there are summer plans for them. This is a perfect program for you and your family. It is easy to do it, and as the program states “Some programs may, and others may not, include religious practice but they all help Jewish teens connect with each other, explore their Jewish identities, and learn about Jewish values while doing something they love.” Do not miss the opportunity of learning something new this coming summer! If you need more information, you can contact them at and (646) 472-5340