The Sabbath: Do you know what the real purpose of human life is?

The Sabbath: Do you know what the real purpose of human life is?

The Sabbath is considered a sacred day of the week for the Jewish, this is a resting day after six working days, but it means much more than that. It is when Jewish limit their use of material things and resources for one day at the week, with the main purpose of promoting the sense of humility before the creation of the humankind through austerity living. In other words, The Sabbath has the objective to stimulate the knowledge of ourselves as humans and the purpose of our lives. In this special day, Jewish can rest, relax and meditate about their existence on earth. Also, they can think about the power that exists in our lives that are superior to humans.

In the Sabbath, Jewish also take conscience about their environment, about what they have, what they get and what they spend. Besides, they do not only meditate on this day, they use this time to pray and understand that everything in our lives comes from God and that we have a specific place in the world.

The Sabbath: Do you know what the real purpose of human life is?
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The Sabbath and family

Usually, in the Sabbath families go to church and pray, but also people could spend time doing different things, like dance, read, write, run, play some board games, among other activities that in the daily routine we do not do usually. On the other hand, in this special day families can do things together and share different experiences between them. What Jewish should avoid in the Sabbath is to use electronic devices or go to shopping. The main idea is to spend time with relatives and ourselves to meditate and chill out, learning about our lives and our purpose here on earth.

The Sabbath should not be imposed on children, it means that they should understand gently the significance and importance of this day in the Jewish life. They must be guided to acquire the real sense of the Sabbath. A good way to teach this to younger kids is to let them propose different activities to do those days, according to what the Sabbath seeks. Also, to read the Bible or pray with them, could teach them the value and the meaning of the seventh day.

In ancient times, the Jewish had for tradition to prepare one day before for the Sabbath. This is known as the preparation day. Here, they prepared things to be as quiet as possible on the Sabbath, this means that the cooked enough food for the next day, cleaned their houses or get stuff that the could need for the Sabbath. Currently, this tradition still remains; Jewish prepare things, like food and the environment to have a good Sabbath and have the enough time to pray, rest and reflect.

When children and kids learn the importance of the preparation day, they will have a better Sabbath, because they will be more prepared, with a peaceful environment and with all that they need to pray, meditate and think about God, their place in the earth and the purpose of their lives.

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Sabbath means rest

As it was said before, the main objective of the Sabbath is to meditate about our life purpose and to understand why we are here, but nothing of this would be possible without resting. This special day in the week poses that if Jewish do not rest after their working days, they will not have time to think and pray. The Sabbath promotes the time for ourselves and the time that we should dedicate to God.

The preparation day is a good welcoming for the Sabbath. As we mentioned before, of this day could depend to have a good Sabbath. If Jewish do not prepare things well for the seventh day of the week, they will not have the rest that Bible says, besides, in the Sabbath there are some restrictions, so if this day is not planned and organized, it could mean work, and work is not permitted at all on the Sabbath, so prepare yourself and your family as good as possible to receive this special day to pray and rest.

The Sabbath is considered a gift from God. It represents the seventh day in which he rested after six days creating the world. Because of this, every Jewish should take advantage of the holy day and reflect on his life. This is a special date in which Jewish can read, sign, pray, write, spend family time, dance, practice sports, among other things and do not worry about work or other efforts. In other words, this is the most special day in Jewish week, because it gives the opportunity to meditate about their purpose in the world and the greatness of God as the world’s creator.